Welcome to Maestro’s Moments. I am the Maestro, at your service.

What are Maestro’s Movements?
Maestro’s Movements are short and sweet videos, bringing the world of musical knowledge to EVERYONE. Music is a wide, wonderful and exciting world with so many amazing stories. You can learn about instruments, composers, musicians, styles of music, history of music, funny facts and much more.

How did it start?
Three years ago, I started bringing music education, free of charge, to any public elementary school that wanted or needed the magic of music. That program is called Music Workshop, and it’s awesome! I learned so much from the students and teachers that I wanted to share this knowledge with everyone. And so I bring you Maestro’s Movements…

Can I share Maestro’s Movements with my friends and family?
Yes! I want everyone and anyone who loves music to know about Maestros’ Movements. Tell your friends! Tell your teachers! Tell your parents!

Are you a teacher or a parent who would like to see more music education in your school?
Music Workshop is a nonprofit organization that provides a free of charge supplemental music education program to elementary and middle schools. Participating schools receive access to many inspirational courses, educating students on music history and appreciation as well as reinforcing all the ways students can utilize music as a tool in their everyday lives. Music Workshop integrates music education with reading, physical activity and critical thinking.